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Monthly Magazine for Filipino American
Golf  and Sportsman.
All Rights Reserve  11/ 2009 /  Bp Enterprise's
Filipino American Golf  Digest
    Fil Am Golf Player Digest

   FilAm Golf digest is the premier golf magazine,
begin in 2010. Golf,  Sportsman digest is published
monthly, for a total of 12 issues per year.

It is the only FilAm  publication, with an  circulation
of over 50,000. It is distributed to most of the golf
club and casino  rooms across the country, various
amateur golf leagues, championship  tournament
events, charity golf events, and also  available
through subscription.

Every issue provides expert strategy and analysis,
covers the tournament circuit, and addresses
important issues within the Casino industry and
Golf Country Club.
Premium Positions
(Available for Full-Page Ads Only)
Back Cover                                                    40,000.
Inside Back  Cover                                       30,000.
Two-Page Spread (begin of the digest)     25,000.
Inside Front Cover spread (pages 2 & 3)  40,000.
Prices listed are net and subject to change.
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